An Open Invitation to Hackers, Demigods and Punks

dragon pixels

To those literary hackers bent on uncovering the sacred workings of great novels, the demigods of creativity spreading arrays of pigment over blank and impossible landscapes, and all sophisticated punks, demure in fashion and eloquence, who harbor rebellion and acidic wit cloaked in song, speech, image and sound, I invite you to join in an odyssey.

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There exists a vault of invocations that you are summoned to explore. Part college course, part entertainment, herein lies the chance to slay the demons of falsehood, to take up the cause of artful expression through savage narrative and rapid-fire poetics. We are a community. Will you lend your voice?

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For those unashamed of truth, and in favor of right process, come join the fight and voice your individual war-cry. There is a rush on the wind, the whispering muse, and she carries us to our calling. Bystanders beware – the cliffs are steep, the chasms deep. Here the champion leaps without hesitation.

You play the central role on a stage preset for your performance. This odyssey cannot happen without you.  Will you join me?

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